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photography-services-in-jaipur Photography Services We Offer With over decades of experience, our team of photographers are specialized in fashion photography, event, wedding, portrait, maternity/baby shoots and much more. Schedule a meeting View our Services

Photography Services We Offer

With over decades of experience, our team of photographers are specialized in fashion photography, event, wedding, portrait, maternity/baby shoots and much more. 


Fashion Photography

Having worked with top modelling agencies, models, fashion brands, we offer fashion photography services to fulfil your project needs. We believe that every fashion product needs quality photographs to persuade customers.


Portrait Photography

Level up your personality with our portrait photography services. To make a first good impression online, you probably need quality portraits. Shotguru portrait photographers got you covered for your needs.


Baby & Maternity Shoots

Our team of finest baby photographers will capture cute photos of your baby. Whenever in future, you see the photos, it will give you happiness. Make sure to capture photographs before these priceless days gone.

Wedding Photography


Wedding Photography

Your wedding is the most important date of your life and we are gonna take care of the day by capturing quality candid wedding photographs. To know more about our wedding photography service, click on the given button below.

Real Estate Photography


Real Estate Photography

To attract property buyers, you probably need high-quality photographs of your real estate. We got you covered! Our team of professional real estate photographers will make your selling work easy for you.

Product Photography


Product Photography

Do you want clear white background pictures of your product? We got you covered! We offer eCommerce product photography services so your product can grab strong attention of the buyer/visitor viewing your product online.

Why You Should Choose Us As Best Photography Services Provider?

Having worked with the countless number of people, brands, and agencies, we have great experience of capturing quality photographs. You will not need to explain a lot to us, we understand your expectations and desires to get your work done by right hands. One simple fact is you want someone who knows how to use a camera, should have experience of lightning conditions and execute perfectly. If you hire us, you will be tension free of all these things as we will manage the whole project effectively.
As a leading photography service provider in India, we understand the importance of the latest technology. In order to capture well finished and high-quality work, we always keep the latest technology camera and pieces of equipment.
We believe in DBT - Deliver before time approach. To break the excitement of getting work in your hands, we always deliver our work before time. Because of this, we managed to deliver smiles to our clients. This is the main reason why our clients always choose us as the best photography services provider.
Losing photographs can be the worst thing. We ensure you will not lose any of the photographs clicked by us. We always maintain all photographs in our cloud drive. In case, any picture loses from your side, we will recover the photograph from our cloud drive.
Before starting our work, we always conduct meetings first. Why? To understand your requirements and expectations from us. Due to this, we always managed to deliver the work that our client expected from us.

Look What Our Clients Are Saying For Us

I’ve been working with shotguru photographers for 1 year. They’ve captured my fashion photographs nicely. As a model, my first priority is to get creative photographs so my pictures can be used in the advertisements, and other fashion product uses. I am very satisfied with this company as they got a creative team of experienced photographers who are trained by industry experts. If you are looking for a trusted photography service provider in India, I would highly recommend shotguru photographers.

Shruti Jain

I found this company through the search engine. Initially, they conduct a meeting session to understand my requirements. I liked the way how they made me comfortable during shoots. Their team of photographers are very friendly and highly professional. Well done! I am completely satisfied with your work.

Shivam Pareek

I found shotguru photographers through my makeup artist. They made our wedding day memorable. I loved the way they manage the whole wedding event effectively. When I was tired of giving poses, they gave relaxation time. I found the team of photographers very friendly to me. I was nervous during the candid photography session, however, they made me comfortable. During the time of delivery, they delivered our album and DVD in a fancy designed gift. My family really liked the packaging style. Thanks, you guys are very creative!

Neetu Sharma


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